Mombasa religious leaders Call For An End To Police Brutality In Enforcing Night Curfew

National Chairman of the Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) Sheikh Juma
Ngao and Jesus Celebration Centre – Bamburi Mombasa church leader Kenneth Maundu Muthoka jointly addressing the media under the Interfaith Leaders Caucus at a Mombasa hotel in Mombasa county. They called on the government to withdraw the dusk to dawn curfew and come up with proper structures before imposing a fresh curfew.

By Tobby Otum

Interfaith leaders led by National Chairman of the Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) Sheikh Juma Ngao and Jesus Celebration Centre – Bamburi Mombasa church leader Kenneth Maundu Muthoka have condemned police brutality at the Likoni channel in Mombasa county on the first day of the countywide curfew.
During a press conference held at a Mombasa hotel they said the brutality which took place at the Likoni ferry crossing is against the constitution of Kenya.
They singled out the General Service Unit [GSU] personnel for their behavior against the commuters at the channel.
They pointed an accusing finger at the GSU for roughing up journalists during the incident.
“Members of the media are an important instrument in the society and they deserve police protection rather than being beaten up,” Ngao said.
The KEMNAC boss said members of the fourth estate deserve respect as they are the watchdog in the society adding that their rights must be respected since they represent the voice of the society.
“The police have exposed the commuters to the deadly coronavirus after brutally clobbering them and forcing them to lie together on the muddy ground,” he said.

The KEMNAC boss accused the police officers of defying the rule of keeping a one meter distance as required by World Health Organization [WHO] as they engaged the commuters in a running battle.
Ngao insisted the brutality by the police officers is against human rights and called for the arrest of those who roughed up commuters at the Likoni channel in the county.
On his part, Muthoka said they are bitter with the incident which took place at the Likoni ferry.
He said the incident was uncalled for and inhuman especially with the crisis facing the country at the moment.
“The country should be united in the fight against the coronavirus instead of the police brutally beating up innocent citizens,” he pointed out.
The church leader urged the country to have faith in the Almighty God and stop being confused by the pandemic.
Muthoka urged the infected persons not to despair and asked them to have faith and they will be healed.
He said they have to abide by government directives to suspend gatherings and not to attend church.
“It’s good they have suspended Sunday worship and we have resolved together with our Muslim brothers to stay at home and pray with our families,” he said.

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