MPost App to Modernize Postal and Carriage Amenities

MPost, a solution that converts phone to a mobile post office, has been enhanced with the launch of the MPost App that is set to revolutionize postal and delivery services in the country.

“Through the App, users will be able to register and get instant virtual postal address, change their postal codes for efficient delivery of mails and parcels and also dispatch mails and parcels to their preferred destinations. This will enhance efficiency and convenience of mails and parcels delivery,” said AbdulAziz Mohammed, the Chief Executive Officer of Taz Technologies, the company behind MPost.

“The Government has provided an enabling environment to support innovation and youth entrepreneurship. We are encouraged that MPost has tremendously grown and created new work opportunities for young people. We commit to scale up this support and partnerships,” added Millicent Kairu, the Senior Assistant Director, Research and Development, Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.

MPost provides a simple, elegant and innovative addressing solution. Developed in Kenya, Mpost works on both smart phones as well as the older generation feature phones that are ubiquitous throughout Africa and in other developing regions.

MPost was initially started on the USSD platform and is now on android and ios platform. It can be downloaded on playstore and on mpost. To register on USSD, users dial *890*90#.

Barely two years after its launch, MPost won four continental awards, registered thousands of Kenyans to the virtual postal services and created digital jobs through the Pata Ajira na MPost initiative.The development of the App was supported by Microsoft4Africa.



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