Mushe’s (XMU) crypto currency token opens up its pre-launch sale

The new token revolutionises existing options through its ease of use, affordability and compatibility with multiple blockchain platforms.


Mushe (XMU) has announced the latest token which is set to revolutionize the decentralized exchanges (DEX) market. The token will be available to the public on July 4th 2022. The presale, which began on April 18th to July 3rd 2022, has seen tokens available for as low as  $0.005 on the first day, ahead of the target launch in July.


The token is built on the Constellations Hypergraph to provide the most secure experience for transactions while enabling compatibility with any blockchain. Mushe undoubtedly has the potential to make millions.

Competing against several recognizable tokens, including Stellar (XLM) and Solana (SOL), Mushe brings more to the forefront through ample transaction offerings and much cheaper prices. It is expected to provide advantages over existing tokens such as offering faster and more secure experiences for investors. Traders in the Mushe tokens will also experience a significantly higher opportunity to earn a higher return on investment for users to experience financial dependence.


The general public launch begins on July 4th with tokens available at a targeted price of approximately $0.05 per token. However, those interested in buying in early have the opportunity to get the token at a significantly lower cost while joining the Mushe Community. Members of the community will receive an introductory presale price of a shockingly low $0.005 per token, allowing them to start stocking up on tokens that will likely become even more valuable as time passes.


Mushe Token will see a steady increase in its value throughout the 77 days of the presale, with the cost going up in small increments until the public launch on July 4th, when it’s available to everyone for $0.05 per token. The steady increase within the 77 days will happen as the demand increases.  Mushe plans to produce 777,000,000 XMU tokens and offer 30 percent of the overall Mushe token supply at the presale, with the remainder available at the public launch. For early investors and long term traders, the opportunity is to purchase the tokens, hold them, and then sell them when the timing is right.

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