My Space Properties to Donate to 10,000 Families to Ease Covid-19 Miseries

Myspace Properties, a real estate and property firm, has extended its charity to vulnerable groups and communities to ease coronavirus miseries. The firm together with its partners and other well-wishers have donated food and non-food essentials to various vulnerable and needy groups in Nairobi while Mombasa is slated for from next week. The firm said that it targets to help at least 10,000 families by the end of the first phase of its donations. The first phase targets the Homeless and slum dwellers. The second phase will target those who have just lost jobs as a result of the virus and the disabled. The first donation of the first phase 100 families benefited while the third phase 300 families were reached. The company said their priority will be the suburbs where they serve in their bid to give back to the society. They have so far visited 5 children’s homes and rehabilitation centers in Kibera, Buruburu, Waithaka and Nairobi Westlands areas and donated food and other essentials items including flour, cooking oil, tissue papers, blankets, sanitizers, face masks. “Our goal is to ease the pain for thousands of Kenyans who are struggling to put a meal on the table at this difficult time. If we all come together and stand with our fellow Kenyans especially the less fortunate who have been hard hit by this pandemic, we’ll overcome this pandemic,” said the CEO Myspace Properties, Mwenda Thuranira. “This is a critical moment for our country and we need to aid the vulnerable groups and communities during these difficult times. The outbreak of the Covis-19 pandemic is the biggest crisis of our time particularly. We can’t live the war against the coronavirus to the government alone. We need to join forces. We are doing this to complement the government’s efforts in mitigating the deadly virus,” added Mr. Mwenda.
The firm has called on other organizations and well-wishers to join them in extending a helping hand to the less fortunate. So far other firms such as ProGas, Firmfort limited among other well-wishers have joined the property developer in extending good deeds. ProGas has given it 100 bales maize flour to be distributed to at least 2400 families. Their other partners such as Firmfort limited has given them transport for the donations.
Also present during the Deep Sea slums donation was veteran comedian MC Jessy among other celebrities. Speaking in Deep Sea Westlands, Mc Jessy said, “When I heard that my friend Mwenda was doing this I was really impressed as I saw it as noble initiated that needed more support to reach out to more people and that is why I joined them today.  Most real estate firms just take from us and rarely give back. Surely this is a noble move that deserves pat at the back. All of us are here to give him moral, financial and technical support so that we can reach out to more people.”
The firm also has welcomed the move by the government to control and coordinate donations by private individuals, associations and interest groups, organizing to mobilize financial resources, food and non-food items, and distributing these to vulnerable communities across the country.  The firm said that the measures will ensure social distancing guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Health to combat the virus. Dr. Fred Matiang’i, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government had said in a statement sent to the newsroom had said that whereas the government applauds these noble, charitable and philanthropic efforts, they have inadvertently led to breach of the social distancing guidelines. This prompted Mwenda Thuranira to directly reach out to CS Matiang’i and PS Kibicho to seek clarification on the effects of the directive set out on the ‘Private Distribution of donated food and Non-food items’. Later the government through the chairperson of the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund, Jane Karuku, sent a statement to the media saying all those wishing to engage in such distributions should notify the Fund Secretariat to help them coordinate the efforts. This will enhance orderliness and security for both the donors and beneficiaries, especially in slum areas. In line with the governments directive, the property developer has already written to the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund Secretariat informing them their plans to distribute food items and other essential services in Kasarani, Mathare’s Kosovo among other places. The firm gave the secretariat their plan and it said it will be giving them a weekly schedule.

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