Nairobi-based taxi driver gets Ksh10 million for 13 correct predictions


The SportPesa Mid-Week Jackpot has been won again this week, six days after Evans Cheruiyot and Allistair Mueni Mutua won the previous jackpot of Ksh 13,093,111.

Taxi driver Martin Njoroge, a Manchester United fan, won this week’s Ksh10 million jackpot.

“I have never won this big in my life and now that I am getting lucky I will try to place Mega Jackpot bets to ensure I come here again for that cash,” vowed the Nairobi-based businessman.

To win the Mid-Week Jackpot a punter has to correctly predict the outcome of 13 select football matches from various leagues globally.

For the Mega Jackpot which currently stands at Ksh194,177,201, punters have to correctly predict the outcome of 17 select football matches per week. SportPesa is the only gaming company in the country that offers progressive jackpots where the amount increases each week until won.

Following the win by Cheruiyot and Mutua on March 14, the Mid-Week jackpot was reset to Ksh10,000,000 which has now been won by Njoroge. This latest win marks the third time the Mid-Week Jackpot has been won this year. Punters are also paid bonuses for getting 10-12 match predictions correct in the 13-game Mid-Week Jackpot.

In February Ksh12,419,938 was won. The Mega Jackpot starts at Ksh100 million and also increases each week until it is won. It currently stands at Ksh194,177,201. Bonus payments for the Mega Jackpot are paid out to those who manage to get between 12-16 predictions correctly.


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