Nairobi County Scouts Council Ask President Uhuru To Intervene In Ongoing Crisis.

By Michelle Anzaya

The Nairobi County Scouts Council has today called out to the president who is the scouts’ patron to intervene in the ongoing management wrangles within the scouts association.

Speaking during a press briefing at Rowallan Scouts Camp, the council noted that there has been a hindrance to scouting activities at the camp since Tuesday.

According to them, a group of unidentified people who were accompanied by police officers marched into the camp on Tuesday morning and asked the staff to vacate the premises as they were there to take over management. This they did without receiving any official notice to suspend their operations or interrupt their routine.

“It is very annoying that a group of people can interrupt our operations at the camp and being the headquarters affects scouting operations at large,” said one of the commissoners.

The council which was represented by a few scouts’ county commissioners who are volunteers want the government and stakeholders to come to an amicable settlement of the issue so that scouting activities resume at the Rowallan Camp.

“We should not let strangers come to interrupt the operations of the association,” said the sub-county scouts’ commissioner, Lang’ata. “In case of any conflict within the association, there is a hierarchy. We need our government and the stakeholders to come in and help us because the association has leadership and the leadership has to be respected,” he continued.

They however noted that they are yet to receive any communication from their bosses but they would release a detailed press statement within the week.

At the moment, activities at the Camp remain halted as the association stares blankly at an unknown fate.





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