Nairobi Water seeks Raila’s help for water infrastructure funding

The Directors of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company
on Thursday held a special meeting with AU’ special envoy for infrastructure  Raila Odinga to deliberate on possible ways of improving Water infrastructure in Nairobi.
The meeting that was held at Odinga’s pro Upperhill office focused on increasing water connectivity, getting more funds for sanitation activities.
According to Karen Nyamu who is one of the Directors , Odinga promised to help source more funds that will help meet the water deficit in Nairobi.
This will involve getting more funds for sinking of dams, transmission pipes and increasing the county’s  water storage capacity.
Odinga is expected to use his AU  position to help source for funds within the next one year.
“He promised to use his channels to help us get funds and necessary resources for water infrastructure and we are going to have more engagements,” Nyamu said.
The county majorly relies on water from  Ndakaini,Sasumua and Ruiru dams.
Karen said that  this, coupled with ongoing water infrastructure projects could see the water rationing levels reduced significantly.
He says that the water from the dams will be treated and transimmitted direct to the city for supply to residents.
The company is collaborating with other state organs in developing new water sources infrstructure to enable reduce the supply deficit that now stands at 260,000 cubic meters.
This includes the Nothern Collector Tunnel project which will bring an additional 140,000 cubic meters.New dams being done are Karemenu Dam,Maragwa 4 Dam and Ruiru ll Dam which are in various levels of design.
The county is also working on new borehole projects aimed cutting the water deficit by a further 20 percent.
The County government, through the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company and Athi Water  has done 30 boreholes and four more are lined for drilling beginning January next year.
The companies received Sh 50million each in the last financial year to drill boreholes in all the 87 wards across the city.
The national government in collaboration with the county government is  also in the process of procuring a contractor for the Maragua and Ndarungu dams whose construction are expected to be completed by 2026.

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