NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White launches ‘Changamkia Your Potential’ movement for Youth

Nestlé has launched NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White in Kenya a move backed by consumer research in which the product emerged as the preferred coffee mix recipe based on its creamy smoothness.

The coffee mix, which is packaged in Kenya, will retail at Sh.15 per single serve sachet, making it the most affordable in its category. This pricing decision is informed by market data that indicates growing coffee consumption among the young urban population, which has a discerning palate and wants a quality creamy coffee that is accessible within their disposable income.

Speaking at the launch, Ng’entu Njeru, Managing Director at Nestlé East and Horn of Africa Cluster, positioned this product as a strategic decision to meet the demands of the emerging category of consumers, popularly known as Gen-Z.

“Today’s youth are the future therefore; smart brands and businesses will succeed by keeping abreast of their needs and meeting their demand for quality products that are accessible at their income levels. Our NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White is a coffee mix in Kenya and will retail at Sh.15 per single serve,” said Njeru.

Ng’entu Njeru, Managing Director at Nestlé East and Horn of Africa Cluster.

Coffee mixes, such as NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White are gaining popularity among young consumers for the on-the-go convenience that they offer, to suit the busy lifestyles of young people juggling multiple pursuits as budding entrepreneurs, often combined with tertiary studies.

In step with the company’s Nestlé Needs Youth program, which prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship, including in agribusiness, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White will spearhead an initiative that goes beyond the consumer experience to tap into the ambitions and aspirations of the youth.

“As a brand committed to the success of young people, we have a responsibility to get involved in activating their potential to turn their creativity and drive into tangible income streams. To this end, we have launched an initiative named: “Changamkia Your Potential” which we translate to “Activate Your Potential,” Njeru explained.

“In this program, NESCAFÉ 3 in1 Creamy White will help young people package and share their ambitions by connecting them with business leaders across different spheres who have succeeded in their career paths.  In addition, we will connect them to resources that will enable them to pursue and achieve their business goals.”

To kickstart the “Changamkia Your Potential” the brand, engaged consumers and youth influencers in a high-energy interactive event. Eli Mwenda, Joy Kendi and Sharon Mwangi, who have gained a popular following for their engaging content, shared lessons on how they turned their interests into the business that pays them.

Other initiatives under the company’s Nestlé Needs Youth umbrella support entrepreneurship and farming communities. Through the My Own Business (MYOBU) project, the company recruits and trains youth to start NESCAFÉ coffee selling businesses in busy market areas. Under the NESCAFÉ Plan, more than 50,000 local farmers, including over 8,000 women, have received training on good agricultural practices and financial literacy.


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