Ngirici Asks Kirinyaga Voters To Reject Irresponsible Leaders

Kirinyaga Women Representative Purity Ngirici has said that she is the only one who can be trusted with the resources of the county.

According to the Women Representative, the incumbent Kirinyaga governor, Anne Waiguru, has been irresponsible with the county resources and positions she has previously held.

The now leading Gubernatorial frontrunner, also affirmed her decision to vie as an independent candidate.

“The power is in you and I humbly appeal and request you to you trust me with your resources ,hope and the future of Kirinyaga for I assuredly say to you that I will feel every pain in every villages, the cries of every starving child ,the burden of the siick and hopeless and the desperation of every hopeful youth with a whole future ahead of them,” said Ngirici.

She reiterated that she will only adhere and listen to the voice of the public and what the electorate will dictate.

“Do not despair my people for salvation is coming. Salvation from deciet. Salvation from poor or no services. Salvation from thievery. Salvation from mismanagement. Salvation from arrogance. Salvation from heartlessness. Salvation from incompetence.  Salvation from Pilferage, wastage and lack of accountability. With your support,  hope and faith in my ability and love for this county, freedom shall surely come on the 9th of August.

I shall serve Kirinyaga with all my energies, love, strength with  absolute Godliness and humanity as the guiding and steering principles. I will not let you down my people. I love you.” Added Purity Ngirici

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