Obama return failed Kogello residents

The locals who had started granulating around Sauti Kuu Foundation Sports and Resource Center as early as 6am were taken back when security agents stationed at the facility denied them access.

The event was an invite only and the strict security detail that comprised of the elite general service unit, regular police and the administration police as well as the diplomatic police could allow little room for breach of security.

At 10am, Obama arrived with his lean entourage heading straight for a meeting at the home of his grandmother mama Sarah Obama.

So strict was the security detail that wife to Obama’s controversial brother Malik Obama was locked out of the meeting for arriving just few minutes after Obama had arrived.

The family meeting took approximately 20 minutes before he headed to the venue of the day’s main event.

All this time his contact with the general public minimized. Already frustration was brewing amongst members of the public who by now had gathered around the precincts of the sports center. Residents of Kogello in Siaya County felt dejected after 44th US President Barack Obama failed to address them.

At some point, the locals eager to reward Obama with a bull were thwarted by the eagle eyed security officers.

The tight security continued until Obama left the venue.

He left the venue in two convoys eluding the eager crowd that gathered at the gate eager to talk to their son.

The Sauti Kuu Foundation Sports Facility will host state of the art sports equipment which will be used to nurture talent.



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