Optiven Delivers Smile to Embu man who had an unsuccessful surgery

Optiven Foundation has melted many netizens’ hearts after rescuing a man from Embu County who in 2007 was involved in a road accident that left him paralyzed.

Speaking to the Media, Optiven Foundation Chairman and Trustee George Wachiuri said that Mr. Aaron Wambua was involved in an accident in 2007 that crushed his life.

He said that Wambua is a beneficiary of a brand new wheelchair, a gift that was comfortably delivered by his brother on behalf of the Foundation.

“As the Optiven Foundation, we reach and impact more lives in our society,” said Wachiuri.

He narrated that in August 2007, Aaron Wambua (beneficiary) had an unsuccessful surgery that left him paralyzed. It robbed him of his mobility, “he said.

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“After we got the news of his condition, we decided to award him a wheelchair that will help improve his mobility,” Wachiuri said.

About two days ago, the company also came to the rescue of Baby Keziah whom they gave a wheelchair.

The 13-year-old baby Eunice Keziah is battling cerebral palsy since she was born.

“The Foundation has empowered her with a gift of independence by donating a brand new wheelchair. This initiative aims at putting smiles on the faces of persons living with disabilities. The objective is to transform their lives by restoring the dignity of being able to move freely. He said.

Wachiuri said that the Optiven Foundation mission, since its inception on 30th May 2014, has been to create visible transformation that positively impacts communities, partners, and other stakeholders through sustainable socio-economic programs.

He said that each day, the foundation advances this mission through four (4) major pillars, which include the provision of education to needy children, poverty alleviation, promotion of health, and environmental protection.

“Optiven Foundation works through donations and volunteer work. In addition to these, the trustees have also authored books whose proceeds go directly to the foundation. The foundation is also supported to a great extent by its mother company, Optiven Group, which channels 5% of its profits to the philanthropy entity, “he said.

He added, “Partner with us and together let us give the gift of mobility to many deserving individuals with disabilities. Your donation of funds or actual wheelchairs will go a long way in helping our friends, families & neighbors become mobile,” Wachiuri said.

For more info, call us on +254 718 77 60 33 or info@optivenfoundation.org

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