PANELTECH.US Corp. partners with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance to advance circular economy in Africa

A US-based waste solutions company, PANELTECH.US Corp has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, Africa’s largest coalition of civil societies advocating for fair and just climate regimes, to help repurpose the massive garbage chocking African cities and villages.

The partnership will see PANELTECH spread its circular economic model across Africa and will see cities such as Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg repurpose tonnes of garbage, particularly plastics.

Leiven Tsai, CEO PANELTECH said in Nairobi while signing the MOU that the company plans to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and set a new normal for all stakeholders involved in the management of waste by holding consumers and corporates responsible for their actions.

Dr Mithika Mwenda, the Executive Director, Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance affirmed PACJA’s support for the PANELTECH to build the circular economy infrastructure in Africa.

“Circular economy and waste management relates to climate action and many African countries have identified this and so has the Paris Agreement. The partnership with PANELTECH will help Africa tap into the expertise the firm brings on board to develop infrastructure necessary for circular economy in Africa,” said Dr Mithika.

According to the Nairobi County government, 2,475 tons of waste is produced each day, while Lagos State Waste Management Authority in Nigeria reports that it disposes about 7,000 tonnes of solid waste a day. This is the waste that PANELTECH US. Corp. hopes to repurpose.

Established by a group of civil societies to raise local voices in the international dialogue of climate change, PACJA’s mandate is to unify grassroot efforts in addressing systemic problems. Today, PACJA is an alliance that brings together more than 1000 organizations spanning 48 African countries. These include NGOs, CBOs, indigenous communities, trusts, foundations and local farmers.

With this partnership, PANELTECH US. Corp hopes to tap into the existing strengthen of local network to advance its model within and without governments. Together, the two organisations will move forward the AGENDA 2063 of the African Union (AU) and United Nation’s.

PANELTECH and PACJA will combine their resources to enhance public engagement and mobilize the sustainable development plan of a green circular economy, thus carry out effective change on a greater scale. Both entities hope to hold corporates and governments accountable for climate justice.

Further, PACJA will have the observer status for PANELTECH’s projects and green profit funds, advise PANELTECH on where and on how the green profits could best be maximized.



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