Parklands Highridge MCA Jayendra Malde defends himself from extortionist claims accuses Sumra of witch hunt

By Samson Wire

Member County Assembly for Parklands and Highridge Jayendra Virchand Malde is now accusing former Embakasi south MP Ishad Sumra of clandestinely orchestrating his arrest claiming he had requested a 5.7 million bribe from an A Sian to intervene in the demolition of a perimeter wall by the county.

The MCA questioned the timing by the former lawmaker during the purported incident.

Of extortion was quick and furies followed by a police officer claiming he was the master mind behind everything.

NASA,Jubilee MCAs team up to kick out Elachi over corruption claims

The Nairobi county communication unity had posted pictures of the MCA at the scene of the arrest showing the money that was claimed to have been given from the bribery source

Jayendra Malde vehemently denied hving ever asked for a bribe.

“I have never asked for a bribe from anyone, neither plans of receiving any bribe on behalf of the County Legal affairs committee, my worries why have I not been arraigned in court?”

Malde at a press conference in the County Assembly called on Sumra to stop political witch-hunt questioning why he was within the scene of the arrest.

“I have not been involved in such corrupt practices. Let Hon Sumra come clear on this. He is the person who organized everything and stage-managed it. I can swear I did not receive the cash.” Said Malde.

But Sumra told the Writer that the MCA is out on a bond of ksh 100,000 he secured from the police.

The Parklands MCA now calls on EACC to investigate the former Embakasi South legislator and make him explain the source of the money claimed

Sumra refuted claims saying he has on many occasions warned the MCA from extorting Asian businessmen. A claim Malde denied.

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