People with Visual Impairment will still exercise their rights to Vote

People with Visual Impairment will have to be assisted to vote on August 9. This is after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) failed to provide braille ballot papers.

According to Manyonge Simuyu Isaac- disability service officer and member of DICC/IEBC, braille ballot papers will not serve secrecy of the ballot for voters with Visual Impairment.

A person known to and accompanying the voter or designated by the voter would be the first preference for assisting the voter to vote. Such persons would generally be required to be of voting age themselves.” Said Mr Manyonge.

At the briefing , the National  Council  of  Persons with Disabilities (NCWD) announced its collaboration with Ushahidi in implementing its election monitoring initiative dubbed Uchaguzi.

The Uchaguzi initiative aims to empower ordinary Kenyans to protect their vote by sharing real-time information around the elections and escalating it for response and action. Uchaguzi is coordinated through which will enable citizens to report any incidents significant to the election ” Said NCPWD Executive Director, Harun Hassan.

Ushahidi executive director, Angela Oduor said that they welcome the collaboration as they continue to mobilize Kenyans irrespective of their gender, ethnic background, religion and those abled differently to be involved in protecting their vote by sharing their concerns  regarding the elections.

Through Uchaguzi 2022, we hope to keep Kenya’s foundation solid and resilient by amplifying citizen voices. The Uchaguzi 2022 communication channels: toll-free USSD *603# and toll-free SMS number 23102.” Said

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