Perkerra Primary School benefits from ksh 8.5 million from Bayer East Africa

As the new academic year starts this week, pupils in Perkerra Primary School in Marigat, Baringo County will be delighted to find their school fully renovated and structures updgraded, shielding them from harsh environmental conditions they have been experiencing in their pursuit for knowledge.

Bayer East Africa has today commissioned the renovated school structures marking a new beginning for the school – 47 years since it was started. This is part of the company’s Corporate Social Engagement commitment (CSE) efforts to promote access to basic education for the poor, vulnerable and needy children.

Perkerra Primary School currently has a population of 221 pupils and 12 teachers. Most of the infrastructure in the school dates back to 1975, which has over the years undermined learning activities in the school. “As a responsible corporate citizen, Bayer is committed to contributing to a better and safer environment for all.

By supporting Perkerra Primary School, we are enhancing the learning environment and supporting access to quality basic education. We understand that the success of any society is deeply rooted in education and empowerment of young people, and that the future of such is determined by the role the young people today,” said Anthony Maina, Head of Communications, and Bayer South East Africa.

The company announced it had invested over KES 8.5 million in the upgrade project which started early this year, undertaken by Bayer’s implementing partner – So They Can – an education registered NGO that works together with communities and their governments to empower and help them realize their own potential and meet their own needs To provide both teachers and the pupils with an improved learning environment, Bayer has offered an exciting new look to the classrooms which has better floors, roofs, doors, windows and repainted them clean to help the pupils to be focused and undisturbed.

In addition, the Bayer East Africa Limited Communications Ruaraka/Outering Road Tel. 020 8600252 company has installed a fence around the school to provide the pupils with the safety and comfort they need. “I am happy to see how the renovations have been able to significantly improve the learning environment.

I would encourage the pupils to do their best in their studies and more importantly to care of all that Bayer has done for them,” said Laurent Pierrer, Managing Director, Bayer East Africa. -Ends About Perkerra Primary School Perkerra Primary School is a Public Government School located in Marigat. It was started in 1975 to provide education for vulnerable and needy children.

The school has a population of 221 pupils and 12 teachers. Most of the infrastructure dates to 1975 when the school was started. The classrooms had broken windowpanes, worn out floors, leaking roofs posing a great hazard to the pupils. This was a big challenge as pupils and teachers could not maximize on academics as most of the time, they were left to address these problems.

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