Philanthropist Omar Receives Second Endorsement From Clan Elders

Omar Mohammed popularly known as Omar Sala has grown into a household name amongst the people of Mandera East and Mandera at large, because of the kind hearted spirit in Omar who has taken a personal initiative to give and dine with the needy in his community.

Mohammed who is the current member of parliament of Mandera East did not grow with silver plate on his table either for he has risen across ranks through struggles and alot of hardwork and he therefore understands the many challenges of growing up in a low budget family.

His foundation dubbed the Omar Sala Foundation is a remarkable organization through which he has managed to support orphans,feed the poor, put some of the needy and bright students in school and without forgetting his love for religion, Omar has built Mosques and Madrassa’s for his community.

Elders from the Sharmarke sub-clan which is part of the Murulle Clan held discussions on who should be the next Mp for Mandera East and by surprise Omar emerged as the best contestant without forgetting that this is his second endorsement, a gesture that shows the MP won the hearts of the people a long time ago.

As a legislator in Parliament, Hassan has been very vocal and helpful as the Vice Chair National Government Constituencies Development Fund Committee and matters pertaining security he has been on the forefront pushing bills that will secure his people.

Given the few years he has been in office, Omar has upgraded the education sector where bursary allocation has been streamlined in a manner that all needy students benefit equally.
Furthermore there is improvement in infrastructure and most schools now have clean water and modern classrooms conducive for learning.

As a mechanism to curb joblessness among the youths, Hassan came up with a sponsorship program that put a good number of youths into driving classes after which most of them were able to secure employment as drivers in different organizations.

Running under the United Democratic Movement (UDM) party ticket honorable Maalim is in total support of the Azimio la Umoja coalition and he calls upon the people of Mandera to support Raila Odinga and his agenda which seeks to change the standards of living of everyone across the country.

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