Pre-Devolution Councillors Endorses Richard Ngatia For Nairobi Top seat

Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful Richard Ngatia has received a major boost after over 80 former councillors vowed to rally behind him come August 9 elections.


The pre- Devolution Councillor have been living in penury despite the government promising to give them a send-off package after their exit in 2013.


Mr Ngatia promised to stand by them and give a facelift to their lives if elected as Nairobi Governor come August.


He described the former councillors as public servants who did not engage in corruption during their tenure and that there plights were not to be overlooked.


The former councilors declared their support for Richard Ngatia saying he will improve the image of the Nairobi because of his vast network in the business word and he is also the first candidate seeking the position who has asked them for their votes.


“Ngatia is the first candidate contesting for Nairobi Gubernatorial seat who has asked us for our votes and today we have made a commitment that we will not support anyone else other than Ngatia,” the leaders asserted.


The businessman has been on an aggressive campaign trail in recent days receiving endorsements from various groups of leaders and stakeholders in Nairobi county.

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