Professor Wajakoya to Legalise bhang if Elected

Professor George Wajakoya has promised to legalised Bhang if Kenyans elect him as the Fifth president of Kenya come 2022.


Speaking during an interview with a local TV station Professor Wajakoya said that it’s was now time the government should legalise bhang and open up the many opportunities that comes with it.


“Our work will be to plant Bhang and export it to other countries hence earning foreign exchange and creating jobs to our youths, We can not keep on criminalising bang and sending our youths to Jail for using a weed that has health benefits in it” He said


“We have to legalise bhangi for medicinal value and help those suffering from cancer and other diseases,”  he insisted.


He said proper regulations of the marijuana farming will cater help the growers, traders and protect minors if bhang will be legalized.


Wajakoya urges  that his  government will set up institutions of research on the medical use of the plant.


“Once legal, the product will present the government with a tax haven coming handy with employment opportunities,” He  saidHe said

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