PSG calls for reintroduction of plastic bags for PPEs disposal

A lobby group is pushing for the re introduction of plastic polythene bags to help in the disposal of Personal Protective Equipment since the current disposal bags can’t guarantee safety to waste handlers

PSG says the government can consider the return of polythenes but in a controlled measure as disposal bins

“The current material we are using for disposal can allow penetration of dirt quickly than when a masks or sanitizer plastic is wrapped in a polythene bag because its permeability levels are low,” said Amb. Esther Waringa.

PSG through its Shadow Ministry for Environment is planning the possibility of raising funds to set up a masks and sanitizer plastics recycling plant.

“This is because we are sitting on a time bomb on the way masks and sanitizer plastics are disposed. With The President opening up the economy in a few days, we expect that a big number of the Kenyan population will come out of their houses and go to market places and work places, schools are soon opening, the number of used masks and sanitizer
plastics will multiply. Up to now we have not heard of strategic ways to dispose this masks at the school level, household level, market places and work places, that means soon we are running into an environmental challenge”

In conjunction with United Nations Environmental Program, Health and environmental Organizations PSG is seeking ways of setting up a masks and sanitizer bottles disposal system.

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