Repair damaged dams in Kilome, Makueni government told

Community leaders have called upon the government of Makueni County to repair damaged earth dams in Mukaa Sub-county.

Led by Dominic Mutunga, a local politician, the leaders now want their government to move with speed to mend the dams whose damage, they say, has created an acute water shortage in the area that relies heavily on irrigation agriculture to eke a living.

We are experiencing a biting shortage of water in this area since these dams had their embankments washed away by last season’s rain waters. We wonder why our county government must wait to be reminded that the people of this area are suffering,” said Mutunga.

According to Mutunga, least ten earth dams in the area had their embankments washed away during the prolonged February-June rainy season. The rains caused floods whose huge damage saw the Makueni County government establish a disaster management department.

Among the dams destroyed by excess water in the Mukaa katilini, Katatu, Ikaasu, Kwa Lwaa, Kilombo and Uvevoni dams.

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana joins other stakeholders during the opening of a milk processing plant in Mbooni, Makueni.

At 24 earth dams across the county were breached and washed away in last season, resulting into a serious water challenges. Their damage further caused destruction of water infrastructure like water pumps and water pipelines


We are facing a real disaster in Makueni. I have personally witnessed acres of crop that have been flattened, uprooted water pipelines and pumps. This is a huge damage that so far is estimated at Sh 300 million on water resources alone,” Kibwana once told journalists.

The damaging of these dams has since forced the residents to walk long distances in search of this life-sustaining commodity.

However, Mutunga hailed the county for its trailblazing performance in healthcare and infrastructure.




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