Samburu leaders: Arrest Aukot over incitement

Samburu political leaders have called for the investigation of Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot over utterances he made in Baragoi over the weekend.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi, the lawmakers said Dr Aukot’s statements amounted to ‘incitement to violence of two ethnic communities who have been coexisting peacefully for a long time’.

“After the visit, he went into social media and made allegations that are geared towards inciting the Turkana community against the Samburu community living in Baragoi and its environs in Samburu North,” said Samburu North MP Musa Lentoimaga. Identifying If Your Investment Manager Is Conflicted Could Save You from Financial Ruin

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot during a past event in Nairobi

Samburu Senator Dr Lelegwe Ltumbesi called upon Aukot to exercise restraint when addressing public interest issues in Baragoi, saying carelessness of speech could aggravate ethnic animosity in an already volatile area.

Samburu North is a volatile area in terms of security. This is the area where a police helicopter was gunned down by cattle rustlers. It is also where 42 police officers and 48 reservists were massacred. Politicians must restrain themselves from reckless utterances when addressing the residents of this area,” said Ltumbesi.

The leaders, flanked by representatives of the Samburu Professionals Association, said they would avail the evidence needed by investigatory agencies to ensure that Aukot was arrested and prosecuted.

Mr Aukot made a political visit to Samburu North constituency on the Saturday 7th where he popularized his Punguza Mizigo Initiative, which seeks to reduce and restructure Kenya’s bicameral legislative system.

While Samburu County is predominantly occupied by the Samburu community, the Turkana occupy four locations in samburu North Constituency.

Attempts to reach Dr Aukot for response did not bear fruits.

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