Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of a new customer education campaign dubbed “You Deserve More”, the campaigns objective is to educate electronics and home appliance customers on emerging consumer electronic technology to allow them to make more informed decisions. The campaign launch took place at the Samsung customer experience store at the Mirage Building along Waiyaki way. The launch is coming at a time when the demand for smart consumer electronics and home appliances is at an all-time high in Kenya. Present at the event was Mr. Sam Odhiambo, Samsung’s Head of Consumer Electronics in East Africa as well as media and technology enthusiasts from all over the country.

“We believe that our customers are very hard working people and go to great lengths to earn their living therefore they deserve to experience the best when it comes to electronics and home appliances this is the reason for us launching our “You Deserve More” because truly they deserve more” said Mr. Sam Odhiambo during the consumer event. “We have also noticed an increase in demand for our consumer electronics in the last few months and we can attribute this increase in sales to people spending more time at home during Covid-19. The increase in demand was also another influence in the launch of this campaign to ensure that customers understand the different features of the consumer electronics that we have launched this year in order for them to make more informed purchase decisions” he further added.

On display during the launch event were the 2020 QLED TV, 2020 Crystal UHD TV, 2020 Sound Bar and Sound Tower, the Side by Side 3 Door Fridge, the Twin Cooling Top Mount Fridge, washing machines and other Samsung consumer electronics.

The highlight of the event was the 2020 85 Inch QLED TV boasts of an 8K Quantum processor, immersive sound, endless detail, minimalist design and unrivalled technology. In addition to this it has long-lasting, burn-in free picture quality with brightest and most vibrant colors with anti-reflection at night or day for Movies, Sport and Gaming and Rich surround sound with 6 speakers firing from top, bottom and sides.

The 2020 QLED also pairs extremely well with the Samsung 2020 sound bar that was also present at the event for the customers to enjoy and understand how the technology works for a better user experience. The sound bar equally boasts of Elevated sound from every direction with Dolby Atoms, DTS-X technology- Symphony and adaptive sound.

Also available at the launch was the 2020 Samsung range of fridges that cater to everyone from those who choose premium fridges such as the RS5000 model with unique SpaceMax™ technology where Samsung has been able to make the walls much thinner. This means it creates more storage space without increasing the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency. Samsung also continues to add new features in the Twin Cooling range such as an external display. This means there is no need to open the fridge/freezer to change the settings.  Every time you open the fridge/freezer you lose cold air (making it warmer) and use more electricity to reach the required temperature again. This innovation resolves that effortlessly. The Twin Cooling range is now available in 384L, 362L and 321L.

Samsung’s home appliances and electronics make it easier for everyone from professionals, working mothers to students to maintain a happier, healthier home. This is a result of the company’s commitment to listening to what the customers who are the ultimate users want and need. The “You Deserve More” campaign will run at all Samsung customer experience stores nationwide. The electronics company will have a team on standby to educate customers on all new electronic technology.

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