Samsung’s first rotating camera phone with an intelligent battery is now available in the market

The new Samsung Galaxy A80 which has been created for the way people are engaging in the Era of Live is now available in Kenyan market.

The gadget will offer compelling innovations with people now increasingly using their smartphones to share live interactions, capturing spontaneous photos, streaming live video and connecting over shared experiences that are happening instantly.

The 48MP main camera on the A80, will allow users to shoot vivid images day and night, the 3D Depth camera offers Live Focus videos by scanning objects for measurement and depth. The Ultra-Wide angle lens with the same viewing angle as the human eye, will allow favourite views to be shared with less panning.

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“The world is evolving from the ‘era of the selfie’ to the ‘era of live’, where people are fostering more genuine and meaningful connections, the galaxy A80 will drive this evolution said Charles Kimari the head of Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics East Africa. “The Gadget will offer compelling innovations: a captivating, full-screen display, Samsung’s first revolutionary rotating camera and an intelligent battery”

The rotating camera on the Galaxy A80 will allow people to seamlessly capture the world around them. When users select the selfie mode in the camera app, the three cameras automatically pop-up from the back of the phone and rotate. The innovative camera mechanism delivers the same extraordinary triple camera experience with the same high-resolution lens, front and rear which preventing sacrifice on quality.

Consumers will also be able to experience an uninhibited view with the first New Infinity Display which features a 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen, which will allow viewing of content in vivid detail allowing users to be fully immersed in every game, video, photo and story.

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The gadget also consist of an intelligent battery which learns the user’s daily routine and app usage patterns to optimize phone’s power consumption. The Adaptive Power Saving Mode enables users to be reassured knowing the smart battery is running most efficiently for the best performance needed. The Intelligent Performance Enhancer, AI-powered performance optimization software, adjusts the battery, CPU and RAM of the device based on a person’s unique usage, helping the phone to work harder and launch apps faster when they are needed.

“Consumers are at the centre of everything we do and they search for devices personalized to their specific lifestyle. Armed with our expertise, global capabilities and rich consumer insights, Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide innovations for everyone,” added Mr Kimari

The Galaxy A Series provides a range of models that allows everyone to choose a device that fits their unique needs and enables them to pursue their passions. The Galaxy A80 will offer premium features for digital natives who want to fully engage in the Era of Live.

The A80 will retail at 64,999/-

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