Sex Workers Now Want Their Work Decriminalised

By Debbie Moraa

Front line Defenders have released the first-ever global report documenting violence against sex workers who advocate for their communities’ rights.

The report highlights different challenges that the workers experience in Kenya and 19 other countries that were captured in the research.

Sex work is work. Mining is a risky job but they are not asked but we as sex workers are asked when we work. Africa sex work is criminalized. Journalists are doing reports without facts also known as defamation causing risk. The police therefore go looking after the sex workers when journalists report false news,” added Grace Kamau regional coordinator, African sex worker Alliance

The sex workers claim that lack of a proper legal framework to support their work has placed them in grave danger/ PHOTO By JACKTONE LAWI

The Lobby is now calling for the legalisation of their work like any other business.

“All we want is the decriminalization of our work.Sex workers disappear in our country but nothing is done, said Caroline Njoroge programme manager, Kenya Sex workers Alliance.

Sex workers experience extremely high rates of human rights violations, including their rights to health, to justice, to live free from violence, threats and murder.

The report documents research and investigation on ways in which the human rights activities of these sex workers are violated. It gives voice of the sex workers since violence to them is escalated.

Government needs to accept sex workers, said Grace Kamau.


Edited by Jacktone Lawi


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