Sonko advices youths to shun criminal life

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called on Kenyan youths, and specifically those in Nairobi to keep off criminal activities.

The Governor has urged juvenile criminal gang members in the county to stop their ways or risk painful death.

Sonko said he is ready to help them transform their lives and become useful members of the society.

Speaking at Dandora where he addressed  youths in an impromptu visit,Sonko said he still relates with youths because he was once in their shoes.

“I was in that life but left. If I can leave that life of conmanship,theft, and I am here as Governor, even you can transform your life,”the Governor said.

He said it is his former life that makes him have a soft spot for youth who waste their life in crime.

Sonko has helped reform over 50 gang members who are now engaged in various county projects.

The reformed gang members are majorly in the Ng’arisha JijiInitiative, Nairobi River Clean-Up, SRT, among other projects thatearn them income.

At least 20 more youth from all the 17 sub-counties in Nairobi will be absorbed in the county projects.

“We are doing this so we can eradicate crime. We cannot be happy having Hessy wa Dandora and Kayole killing youth because of crime,”said Sonko.

“To the criminals, we know you.  If you have been given a job by the government and you are still engaging in crime, the only solution is the grave,” said Sonko.

He asked the youth to visit him in his office whenever they have problems so he can have a candid discussion with them on how to make their lives useful.

Sonko gave an example of Halili Waweru Mswadik alias Dube, who he said is a perfect evidence of how one can transform their life.

The Majengo-born Dube was once a wanted criminal operating from ShauriMoyo, who terrorized Nairobi residents.

However, in 2017 after listening to one of Sonko’s speeches in one of the rallies in Nairobi, he was moved to a point he decided to transformhis life.

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