Sonko honored yet again in World Humanitarian Awards,2019

By J.Papanoo.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has yet again bagged another international award owing to his efforts to make the world a better place.

Sonko was given the prestigious World Peace Messenger award by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization in Los Angeles, USA at a colorful event that also saw Kenyan Betty Adera awarded as a Humanitarian and Global icon.

The honorary position means that Sonko is now entitled to the confidence and trust of members of the US based organisation, and will join the rest of African appointees in similar position in spearheading peace and humanitarian initiatives across the continent.

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Sonko was awarded for his efforts in reaching out to the poor in society and his commitment to reform youths associated with criminal groups.

The governor has himself confessed to be a reformed citizen, having spent time in prison for criminal related activities.

His transformation has seen him grow into an astute businessman, a political leader and a father of many adopted children.

While receiving the award, Sonko spoke of his pride in his achievements in life, especially on matters touching the needy and initiatives to reform criminal youth gangs.

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“I am so humbled and gratified to have been recognised at such a high level but this can only make me proud of the bold steps l have made in my life,” he said.

He promised to continue with his humanitarian activities and the campaign to rehabilitate youths from the street life as well as encourage youths to shun criminal activities.

“Having had a past that is challenging, many youths doing some of these evils approach me for possible solutions on how they can be better citizens and we have helped them get the right counseling and rehabilitation and some have grown into reliable business men in society,” Sonko added.

He noted that all these contribute to a peaceful society that is good for all.

“Sometimes these efforts may not be recognised locally but we keep trying and helping where we can,” he noted.

Sonko was early last year appointed the Good Deeds Ambassador for Kenya and also received an International Police Award for his peace initiatives.

For the last two years as a governor, he has worked with the police in efforts to encourage armed youths in slum areas to surrender their weapons.

More than 1,000 youths have also been taken away from the street life to various rehabilitation centres in Nairobi.

County Secretary Leboo Morintant, CECs Vesca Kagongo, Allan Igambi, Chief of Staff Kamau Mugo,Lucia Mulwa, chief officers among others have congratulated the governor for the award and encouraged him to keep transforming more youths into better citizens.

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