Sonko to fix shortage of health workers in new employment programme

Governor Mike Sonko and mama Lucy hospital superintended musa Mohammed during the launch of patient Queu system at the facility. Photo/Samson wire.

By Samson Wire

Narobi Governor Mike Sonko has announced new plans to hire extra 300 nurses after new country public board was officially formed by the county.

Speaking during the launch of patients Queu management system at mama Lucy Sonko reiterated that the process to be carried out next month will mark the first phase of 2500 workers in all the county health facilities.

As the Governor of thisi county am determined to address this issues of lack of enough nurses once and for all. Said Sonko.
Those to be employed are 260 nurses and clinical officers and 60 medical officers.

We are going to advertise these jobs and we expect them to be on duty as early as February next year .added Sonko.
The next phase of employment to be done in June next year and another 500 health officers will be employed.

He further ordered for immediate of the implementation of the recent nurses agreement with the county executive warning county officials who doesn’t implement the agreement will be disciplined..

“I want tell you if you don’t implement what we agreed with the nurses I will not hesitate to sack such officers .warned the governor.”

I want even these inspectorates here to get promotions.
The 5 million system installed in September was sponsored by the county Government and old mutual company limited is set to serve 1200 patients aday.

According to mama Lucy medical superintended musa Mohammed the new system has seen previous challenges experienced reduce significantly .

We have made tremendous progress despite the few challenges at some of our departments .said musa Mohammed.
The UAP foundation chairman Peter muthoka said as an institution they are determined to keep partnering with the county government to support vulnerable communities in Nairobi .

A new TB centre has been completed at mama Lucy and will be comissioned next week.
The 66 bed capacity new maternity wing will ease pressure from the neighbouring areas and beyond.
Present were board members led by former city mayor Joe Akech among others

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