Sonko warns NMS against blackmail over dispute

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has asked Nairobi Metropolitan Service Director General Mohamed Badi to stop blackmailing the county over the ongoing talks to fix wrangles on the transferred functions.

The Governor wants the NMS boss to the office of the Artoney General which is leading talks to iron out contested issues in the Deed of Transfer of functions.

Though his spokesperson Ben Mulwa, he argues that it is wrong for Badi to continue criticizing the county for allegedly frustrating the NMS yet the AG is yet to give his verdict on the issues of concern.

“The governor has been very categorical that he has never been against the NMS and it is clear that Badi has bad intentions of playing politics,”Mulwa said

While appearing before a parliamentary committee on Monday ,Badi blamed the governor for frustrating the NMS efforts to deliver services in Nairobi.

However,according to Mulwa,it is important the NMS allows the AGs office to finalize its talks and give way forward on how to handle the legal concerns the governor had raised.

“The governor wants everything done as per the law and this is where the problem is for everyone to see. Let Badi allow the law to take its course,”Mulwa added.

The AG has been leading talks between the two entities since last month after President Uhuru Kenyatta urged Badi and Sonko to put aside their differences and work together.

The issues being contested touch on transferred of staff, public finance management, revenue collection and the separation between the transferred functions and the retained functions.

The city transferred core functions – transport, health, public works, urban planning and related services – to the national government, represented by NMS.

In July, Sonko sent a notice of declaration of dispute to the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Eugene Wamalwa, touching on the Deed of Transfer of Functions, which he signed in February surrendering some of the key functions.

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