Acting county secretary leboo ole morintat during cabinet meeting Cityhall  photo/Samson wire

By Samson wire

Things have not been rosy at the county 047 after the county boss was barred by the courts from stepping into his office by the charges from DPP.

The embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was arraigned in Court and Charged with Nineteen Counts by DPP over 357million corruption related cases.

Operations at City hall has been slow which skeptics alluding to the fact there has been power vacuum created after The Charges bared Sonko from stepping into his office making it impossible to discharge his gubernatorial duties I hear by direct that the First accused has been granted bail and hereby stopped from stepping into his office pending hearing and determination of his cases”. Said the Judge.

But Acting County Secretary Leboo Morintat who has had long experience stint at the County serving in various positions until current County Secretary in an acting position has come out to ensure no void in terms of service delivery is experienced at the county in the absence of Sonko.

Last week the County Secretary held a daylong meeting where he chaired cabinet meetings with all executives and chief officers with specific agendas to ensure the County revenue increases to 14 billion this financial year.

Others the cabinet under leboo discussed were preparations of supplementary budgets, waste management’s, and improvement of roads following heavy down pour that has been causing floods in the city.

Nairobi county executive at a meeting with county secretary last week photo/Samson wire

Speaking to this reporter last week the county Secretary said this has been necessitated due to the believe that the Operations would stall as a result of the County Boss  being charged in court.

He at the same time directed various departments to work bearing in mind the code of conduct so as not to be involved in miss appropriating any funds entrusted with their departments for any service delivery to the people.

The move comes barely days after members of the County Assembly held special session under the leadership of Speaker Beatrice Elachi moving a motion to to recommend to the President formation of regeneration team that would steer the County matters a head.

County speaker Beatrice Elachi said the task force immediate areas of concern would be paying pending bills, water rationing and the garbage menace in the city. Only last week a group of Environment casuals held demonstrations at city hall accusing the executive led by the Environment department of delays in their seven month wages.

Efforts to get comments from the CEC in charge of Environment Veska Kagongo bore no fruits.

I direct that the committee is revamped due to the good work it has done in order to proceed with its work together with the executive so as to provide services needed to the people of Nairobi. Said Elachi.

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