South African Firm Unveils Fastest Electric Vehicle Charging Station

South African-based firm, Agilitee has launched what it has billed “the fasted EV charger in the World” as Electric Vehicles and charging systems gain momentum in Africa.

Data from Statista indicates that South Africa is the most advanced e-mobility market in Africa with about 1,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in January 2022 or about 0.008% of its national automobile fleet.

East African nations Uganda and Kenya are seen as aspirational markets, with about 350 EVs in Kenya, some 0.016% of its total registered fleet.

Speaking about Agilitee’s EV charging system, Africa’ second richest man and Agilitee founder Dr. Mandla Lamba said that the new Agilitee charger can charge all electric vehicles no matter the brand name and Agilitee is looking forward to partnering with the automotive industry in supporting major players in building an efficient charging network that is comparable to no other.

He said, the charger and all its specifications will be unveiled in the Agilitee 2022 launch which is billed to take place in 2 months at the Johannesburg Expo Center in South Africa.

The Charging System is powered by solar with an energy management system that can store from a minimum of 1 MW depending on the size of the station.

Africa’ second richest man and Agilitee founder Dr. Mandla Lamba says that the new Agilitee charger can charge all electric vehicles no matter the brand name (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Among other products to be launched will be over 200 AI & Green Tech products along with the full electric EC car models. The Billionaire has been donating 10% of his shares in Agilitee, which percentage is worth $2 billion to the poor across the continent.

Lamba is a different breed of a leader that wants to see Africans live a better life no matter where you come from in Africa.

“We have been working on this for a while now, we were supposed to drop it last year but we couldn’t make production on schedule,” he said.

“I am very proud of the grace of God over Agilitee and His favor on our teams, kudos to our team of 42 engineers who work tirelessly hard to bring to fruition every idea or thought that has a potential to make Africans lives better,” Dr. Lamba explained.

He pointed out that Agilitee’s EV Charger is the fastest in the whole world and it is able to fully charge an electric car within 5 to 15 minutes depending on the motor.

Dr. Lamba said that the charging system is powered by solar with an energy storage system that is “out of this world”.

“This is a great achievement by the team and it truly amplifies our efforts in pushing for mass adoption of electric vehicles in Africa,” he said.

“For EV it’s not just a case of making Charging Facilities available everywhere like Petrol Stations, but the speed in Charging plays a more integral role in pushing mass adoption of EV and this I know without a doubt that Agilitee has mastered it with this technology and many others to be launched and this achievement puts us at the forefront of the infrastructure development for EV in Africa,” Dr. Lamba pointed out. “Agilitee is the future and the future is now. To God alone be the glory.”

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