Superior Homes Kenya PLC, the developers of Greenpark Estate, have completed the construction of a Ksh15 million flood protection wall to mitigate any water overflow from the Stoni Athi River as was witnessed in 2018 when it affected eight of the houses in the expansive estate.

Superior Homes Chief Executive Shiv Arora explained that although the incident in 2018 was not the fault of the developer and has never happened again, they have taken it upon themselves to invest in the wall that will ensure it never happens again.

The Stoney Athi River flooding was as a result of the then construction works of Mombasa Road Bridge by a construction company that left scaffolds in the river thereby blocking the river’s path.

“Out of 500 houses that sit on 163 acres estate, only 8 houses were affected by the unusual 2018 floods. We have not experienced similar heavy rains and obstruction of the natural flow since then. The construction of the flood protection wall serves as a firm assurance that nothing like that will ever happen again,” said Shiv Arora adding that the wall was also a mitigation measure recommended by hydrological experts.

The wall built 30 meters away from Stoney Athi River comes after the court ruling in 2018 which affirmed that Greenpark Estate is not on riparian reserve, and is in line with the Water Resources Management Rules.

Superior Homes is currently completing cluster 5 of the Greenpark Estate comprising of 164 units, a mix semi-detached maisonettes, bungalows and villas.

The developer plans to break ground for the commercial center which will cost Ksh350 million to serve the growing community in the Athi River area and travellers along the Nairobi Mombasa Highway currently under expansion.  

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