Taxpayers lose Ksh 100 million yearly to rogue connection – Ketraco.

The country is losing over Sh100 million every year to unscrupulous business people  who are conducting illegal  power connections to unsuspecting Kenyans.

And the amount could be even much higher according to Ketraco Managing Director Fernandez Barasa who says if all cases are reported, the losses will be worse.

“We have reported over 100 cases of rogue power connection and vandalism in the last six month,” Barasa said

Barasa who spoke to Journalists in Nairobi said the ever skyrocketing cases of rogue connections and vandalism has prompted the management to request formation of special police unit known as Critical Infrastructure police unit to man various substations from the national police service.

” We have engaged national government and given special police unit known as Critical Infrastructure police unit which is currently manning various substations,” Barasa added.

Ketraco Managing Director Fernandez Barasa,

Barasa also adds that ,Rogue business owners are the ones driving up power tarriffs as well as slowing down power transmission in Kenya.

‘’the rogue business owners are the ones pushing up power tarriffs in Kenya hence overburdening poor majorities who uses power,’’he stated.

When it comes to challenges, the KETRACO MD says wayleave acquisitions, as well as vandalism and funding, pose some problems to the company.

“When you look at the wayleave acquisition policy, we don’t necessarily buy 100% of the land. We register an easement and compensate the corridor where the line is traversing”,added Barasa.

In order to solve this, the MD told the reporter that, the firm has at times had to engage higher levels of government so as to find a resolution.

“For example in Kajiado, they had to come in and give direction because the line had been stopped for almost three years”,stated Baraza.

He however   said the government is committed to ensure every Kenyan is connected to the national grid as per the big four agenda by 2022.

With the firm being 10 years old,Barasa says that,the electricity transmission company has managed to lay transmission lines that are 2,364 kilometres long across the country.

‘’All this is geared towards ensuring the country receives stable, reliable and electricity power,’’added Barasa.

KETRACO is a state corporation that is mandated with the role of electrifying Kenya.

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