Twiga Foods On The Front Line In Addressing Food Insecurity In Africa

The technology-driven fresh produce and fast-moving consumer goods aggregator Twiga Foods, is playing a big role in curbing the menace of food insecurity in Africa by providing access to high quality foods, products and retail services.

As part of its business model transformation plan,  Twiga recently launched a new optimized sales’ agents program,  where current Trade Development Representatives ( TDRs) transitioned from permanent employees into independent agents on a 100% commission basis. The transition is creating an opportunity for former sales agents and the general public hence allowing for higher earnings based on the effort and enterprise of the agent.

“Based on this new approach, we anticipate the creation of over 1000 new independent opportunities by the end of 2023,” said Mr. Peter Njonjo, Twiga Foods CEO  and co-founder, while giving his remarks during a press briefing.

“The transition of the TDRs was made in full compliance with the labor laws, ” he further noted.

In a bid to build an efficient supply chain from the producers to the consumers,  Twiga Foods also launched an e-commerce app; ” Soko Yetu” in 2019 which can be accessed by all retailers.

Consumers spending significantly yet losing purchasing power due to inflation and the rapid urbanization which is increasing consumption are some of the problems Twiga Foods aims at addressing.

With their latest shop having been opened just last month in Kampala, the company marked its first Pan-African expansion drive into Africa’s online retail market.

“Twiga is synonymous with innovating for sustainability. We are not just an online platform that connects farmers, suppliers and vendors to customers,” noted Yebeltal Gatechew (YG), Chief Executive Officer Twiga Foods East Africa.

“We are a highly efficient food security engine built to sufficiently control and manage forces that causes scarcity, while ensuring sustainability of the food security enabling systems. We have instilled very stringed quality assurance processes to ensure hygiene and proper produce handling as well as put in place mechanisms where one can easily map the journey of the farm to their plate; for purpose of quality control,” he continued.

Mr. Njonjo explained that many kiosk and duka owners have to contend with receiving supply from multiple wholesalers and middle men, making it expensive to stock products and in the case of fresh produce, impacting quality. To help address this challenge, Twiga launched the Soko Yetu Agent Model that allows anyone to register and start recruiting duka and kiosk owners in their neighbourhoods to join the Twiga supply chain.

Twiga Foods continues to take a lead in setting standards for food production and distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa hence addressing food security challenges.


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