Universal Church Premiers ‘Nothing To Lose 2’ movie

The Kenyan premier of the movie Nothing To Lose 2 was held on Saturday at the Anga Cinema in Parklands Nairobi.

The colorful VIP event was graced by local gospel artists, entrepreneurs, and journalists.’

The Nothing to Lose 2’is based on the book of the trilogy of Edir Macedo; founder of The Universal Church. The movie shows the trajectory of Macedo from the day he left prison in 1992 until the inauguration of the Temple of Solomon in São, Paulo, which took place in 2014.

With 60 actors, 6,000 extras and hundreds of vintage cars on the act, scenes in ‘Nothing to Lose 2’ were shot in South Africa and the Holy land of Israel.

The first Part of the movie, ‘Nothing to lose 1’premiered in March 2018 and became the most sold in the history of national cinema with 12.1 million tickets sold in Brazil

In Kenya, the movie premiered in September 2018 and was shown to the public in a VIP screening event at the Anga Sky Theater at Panari Sky Center along Mombasa road.

The Nothing to Lose 1 reveals the inner struggles of Edir Macedo.

This movie is an inspirational story showing the story of Edir Macedo who was born with a birth defect and was often mocked as a result. Growing up in his childhood, he was mocked by other children because of his disability simply because he could not climb a tree.

Although he faced multitudes of rejection throughout his life, including his own pastor, he remained committed to his ministry and started the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in a gazebo with just under 10 members.

The NOTL 1 movie reception was excellent and recorded full house attendance with people standing and sitting on the stairs and some outside because there was no room enough to host them.  The weekend premier was attended by over 1,000 people. The attendants came from different towns in Kenya including Mombasa, Kisumu, Kajiado, Nyeri, Nakuru, and Nairobi.

The second screening was shown during a youth event gathering that brought together more than 1,000 young people. The event is dubbed “Learn to say No” and seeks to encourage the youth to stay away from drugs, and addiction, as well as help them to recover from addiction and depression.

The Nothing to Lose movie is produced by Paris Film and is available on Netflix.

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